Getting Started

Once you’ve activated Knowy, you’ll be forwarded to the Getting Started page (Appearance → Getting Started). Here, you can view the help file, check out and/or install the recommended plugins, and find out where can you open a ticket.

Install Plugins

Knowy recommends installing a couple of plugins. They are used only to enhance your experience but they are not required to use the theme fully. Install and learn more about the plugins by following these steps:

  • Go to Appearance → Getting Started
  • Open up the tab called Plugins
  • You’ll notice a list with recommended plugins. If you want to install it simply press the install button
  • Follow the steps

Using the Theme Customizer

Knowy is customizable via the WordPress customizer. Here, you can change the various theme options and customize the colors of your site. To access the theme customizer, click Appearance → Customize in the WordPress admin menu. All of the options have an explanation inside the customizer panel.

Site Identity

  • Site Title & Tagline: By default your site will display a site title. The tagline will be used for SEO.
  • Logo Upload: Upload your own logo image that replaces the site title text.
  • Site Icon: Upload a favicon shown in browsers and mobile devices.


General Options

  • Font style: Choose between the sans-serif font or the serif font.
  • Enable comments by default: By default the comments are hidden behind a large button. You can revert this so that the comments show by default.
  • Homepage layout: Choose how many items are shown in one row (1, 2 or 3).
  • Explore Area: Add a custom title for this area or choose to hide the title completely.
  • Related Area: Add a custom title for this area or choose to hide the title completely.

Social Icons

  • All social icons are shown here. Be sure to start every URL with http://. The e-mail field only accepts a valid e-mail adress.

Theme Features

You can show featured posts by editing a post and giving it the tag featured. Go to Posts → Edit (or create a new post). Then locate the Tags metabox in the right hand sidebar. Simply add the tag featured. If you want to remove the post from the featured carousel simply remove the featured tag from that specific post.


The recommended image size (in pixels) for the Featured Content carousel is 1500px tall by 1000px wide (1500×1000 px). Because the height of the featured content area is percentage based, your image will be scaled proportionally to fit the container. You can find excellent free photo’s to use in your blog posts here:

Knowy also includes a Footer Category Menu, allowing you to create another area for users to explore your content. To enable the Footer Category Menu, create a new category menu in Appearance → Menus, and assign it as the Footer Category Menu. Once a menu is assigned to this area, the Footer Category Menu section will be shown on your site.

Add post categories to it and it will automatically load the posts assigned to that category.

Post Styles

Knowy features the standard, image, gallery & video post format. Always be sure to add a featured image to all of the post types so that the theme displays everything in the most beautiful way. The featured image is shown on the archive pages, search pages and featured carousel even when it’s a video or gallery post.


  • To add a Gallery to your post simply create a new post and give it the post template Gallery.
  • Then scroll down below the post editor and locate the metabox called Featured Gallery.
  • Add the images you wish to show here by clicking Add or Upload Files.


  • To add a Video to your post simply create a new post and give it the post template Video.
  • Then scroll down below the post editor and locate the metabox called Featured Video.
  • Add the video you wish to show here by pasting the url inside the textarea called Video.
  • The theme will automatically locate the video.

Custom Page Templates

Knowy has an archive page template.

  • Firstly, create a new page.
  • Locate the page template metabox.
  • Give it the archive page template to show an archive of all the posts on your blog.

Author Biography

Knowy displays the author biography on the right hand sidebar in the single post view.

  • Go to Users → All Users.
  • Locate the user you want to add a biography to and edit it.
  • Scroll down and locate About Yourself → Biographical Info.
  • If you want to add an image, go to Appearance → Getting Started → Plugins and install the “WP User Avatars” plugin. This will add an image upload box inside the edit user screen.

Go to Appearance → Menus.

  • You can create a new menu and assign it to the header location.


The widget section of Knowy is located inside of the Sidebar panel. Go to Appearance → Widgets and simply drag & drop widgets inside the sidebar area.