Getting Started

Once you’ve activated Minima, you’ll be forwarded to the Getting Started page (Appearance → Getting Started). Here, you can view the help file, check out and/or install the recommended plugins, and find out where can you open a ticket.

Install Plugins

Minima recommends installing a couple of plugins. They are used only to enhance your experience but they are not required to use the theme fully. Install and learn more about the plugins by following these steps:

  • Go to Appearance → Getting Started
  • Open up the tab called Plugins
  • You’ll notice a list with recommended plugins. If you want to install it simply press the install button
  • You’ll get a popup or a new window that gives you more information and an install button
  • Follow the steps

Using the Theme Customizer

Minima is customizable via the WordPress customizer. Here, you can change the various theme options and customize the colors of your site. To access the theme customizer, click Appearance → Customize in the WordPress admin menu. Below is a list of all the options available.

Site Identity

  • Site Title & Tagline: By default your site will display a site title. The tagline will be used for SEO.
  • Logo Upload: Upload your own logo image that replaces the site title text.
  • Site Icon: Upload a favicon shown in browsers and mobile devices.


  • General: Here you can find all the different accent colors.
  • Text & Headers: Change the colors of all headings (h1-h6) and the body text.
  • Header: Change the colors of the header area.
  • Footer: Change the colors of the footer area.

General Options

  • Disable Preload: You can choose to disable the preloader system and effect.

Social Icons

  • All social icons are shown here. Be sure to start every URL with http://. The e-mail field only accepts a valid e-mail adress.

Portfolio Page


You can create a portfolio page. First make sure you have installed the Work Custom Post Type which will create a new post type in your admin panel called Work.


Then make sure you create a new page (or edit an existing one) and give it the template Portfolio under Page Attributes.


You can set this page as your static front page by going to Settings → Reading. Under Front page displays select the option Static Page. Then select the page you just created and gave the portfolio template to as your Static Front Page.

To add intro text and links just edit your portfolio page and add text inside the post editor. The demo page features a h2 tag inside the post editor and a link.


Portfolio items

You can create a new portfolio item by clicking on Work and adding a new item. The featured image will be shown on the portfolio page but not the single portfolio item page.

The excerpt of the work item will be shown right below the title on the single work item.

In the post content simply add images, galleries or videos. You can add large text below an image by filling in the caption text of the image.


You can add a lightbox effect to the images in the post content by editing the image and linking to the Media File.


Go to Appearance → Menus.

  • You can create a new menu and assign it to any location.
  • You can add a main menu (right side next to the logo).
  • You can also add a footer menu.

You can create galleries to insert into the post.

  • Firstly, create a new post or edit an existing one.
  • Put your cursor inside the post editor where you want to add the gallery.
  • Click on Add media above the post editor and select Create gallery.
  • Select the pictures you want to show and how many columns you want.
  • If you want to have the lightbox work be sure to select link to media file.


The widget section of Minima is located inside the footer area. Go to Appearance → Widgets and simply drag & drop widgets inside the footer area.

Post Styles

Minima features the standard, image, gallery & video post format. Always be sure to add a featured image to all of the post types so that the theme displays everything in the most beautiful way. The featured image is shown on the archive pages, search pages and featured carousel even when it’s a video or gallery post.


  • To add a Gallery to your post simply create a new post and give it the post template Gallery.
  • Then scroll down below the post editor and locate the metabox called Featured Gallery.
  • Add the images you wish to show here by clicking Add or Upload Files.


  • To add a Video to your post simply create a new post and give it the post template Video.
  • Then scroll down below the post editor and locate the metabox called Featured Video.
  • Add the video you wish to show here by pasting the url inside the textarea called Video.
  • The theme will automatically locate the video.